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Recommendation of the Week: Kroll Show and Broad City

If you haven’t seen Kroll Show, it’s not too late to catch up on the insane character-driven sketch show that lovingly mocks television and the people who populate it. Kroll Show spoofs everything from Degrassi to Bravo-style reality shows to public access to infomercials with scarily accurate detail. The best part of Kroll Show, though, is simply taking in the vast amount of characters its star and creator, Nick Kroll, embodies in any given episode.

Sadly, the third and final season of Kroll Show premieres tonight.  While the news is somewhat heartbreaking, you have to give mad props to Kroll for going out with class. “…as opposed to stringing out more seasons, we wanted to feel like we were going out with the best work that we’ve done.”

The one episode to watch:  “Can I Finish?” (S1E5) Pony Tales:  A look into the secret lives of men with ponytails. Fabrice, Fabrice:  “The name so nice you have to say it again.” Though this episode contains a few characters who rarely don’t really reoccur, it has some amazing moments and provides a wonderful peek into Kroll’s sensibilities.

If you haven’t met Liz & Liz yet, Brian LaCroix, or Bobby Bottleservice, it’s not too late. The first two seasons are free on Amazon Prime and Comedy Central. The first episode of the final season of Kroll Show airs tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30 e/9:30 c.

Additionally, if you’re already a fan of Kroll Show, or just a comedy nerd, you should check out the brand new Comedy Bang Bang! episode featuring Oh, Hello characters (Kroll and John Mulaney) as well as this older episode with Jenny Slate where Kroll deftly plays a stunning amount of characters in a single act. Kroll isn’t just funny–he’s wickedly smart.

Oh, Broad City, how I love thee. In short, Broad City, web series-turned-Amy Poehler-produced Comedy Central show, follows real life best friends Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as they navigate life as modern young women in New York City. Hilarity–and insanity–ensues. Bonus:  comedian Hannibal Buress–yes, that Hannibal Buress–guest stars as Ilana’s lovable and crazy dentist FWB.

As laugh out loud funny as this show is, though, the heart of it lies with the very real friendship of its stars who will do anything for each other. Anything.

The one episode to watch:  “Destination Wedding” (S1E8) Like all of the great Broad City episodes, there are elements of adventure abounding as Abbi, Ilana, and friends travel to a wedding and meet many obstacles along the way. Importantly, though, the episode also provides insight into just how deep the friendship between Abbi and Ilana goes.

If you missed Broad City last season, you can also catch up with the girls on Amazon Prime Comedy Central before the premiere Wednesday at 10:30 e/9:30 c. Additionally, old episodes of their web series are still available on YouTube, and definitely worth a watch.

Already a fan of Kroll Show and/or Broad City? Just now watching? Let me know what you think.